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Tropical Reaper

Brand: E-Liquids

Get ready for luscious overflowing orange nectar to possess your palate with every pull. Be warned however, as Skulls Nectar e-liquid is not to be held accountable for the state of crazed euphoria and pleasure driven by thick and yummy citrus nectar.

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Reap the bountiful benefits of this extraordinarily exotic e-juice. Tropical Reaper e-liquid besieges your tongue with a foray of sweet and tart pineapple citrus with every inhale. But be warned, the tropical reaper may implore you to keep vaping this dastardly delightful juice.

You shouldn’t be allowed to vape these e-liquids. They were deemed to yummy. Too addictive. Some say the first who experienced these flavors were driven mad with pleasure. Others say a greedy Queen hoarded them all for herself, and forbade anyone else to try them. These dastardly delightful juices used to go by a different name, until they were made Forbidden.