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Experience a mouthwatering cooling sensation unlike no other. Chill e-juice brings you the perfect balance of icy koolada menthol and refreshing fruity flavors like melons, limes, mangoes and peaches. It’s like the tropics rendevouz with the tundra right in your vape! Sit back, relax and enjoy these refreshing flavors.
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  1. Tropi-Cool

    Chill Tropi-Cool e-liquid is a unique blend of melons, punchy fruits and ripe peach remixed with a bit of icy koolada. It's a cold fruity explosion of flavor.
  2. Cool Lime

    Chill Cool Lime is a frosty and tangy e-liquid that awakens the taste buds with its zing of lime and icy koolada! Relax and chill with this unique twist on a classic summer beverage.
  3. Cool Mango

    Chill Cool Mango is a fruity, refreshing and frosty e-liquid. Experience the taste of mango amplified with a cooling throat sensation.
  4. Cool Melon

    A burst of delicious honeydew mixed with limeade and juicy cantaloupe, topped off with a cooling throat feel. Chill Cool Melon e-liquid is not just any other fruit vape!
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4 Item(s)