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Cool Melon

Brand: Chill Salted E-Liquids

Cool Melon e-juice hits you with the refreshing fruity flavor of juicy honeydew and delicious cantaloupes, followed by an icy cold throat sensation. Now made with nicotine salts!

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Feel the chill with Cool Melon’s refreshing blend of delicious honeydew and sweet cantaloupes, amplified with a hint of limeade, and delivered with a smooth, ice-cold nicotine hit with the use of nicotine salts. After feeling the mouth-watering cooling sensation you’ll be reaching for Cool Melon e-liquid all day!

The Chill Salted line of e-liquids has the same intense cooling sensation and delicious fruity flavors you’ve come to expect from Chill e-liquids. The only difference? Chill Salted uses nicotine salts instead of traditional free-base nicotine. Nicotine salts offer a quicker, smoother and more powerful nicotine hit!