Have you ever went to your “go to juice” and noticed it looks different in the bottle? Or maybe you want to know why your e-juice is turning brown in the tank? Maybe it’s turning yellow, orange, brown, or a darker color in the tank.

You might think the e-juice is bad, or maybe you’re worried that it’s not going to taste as good as it's supposed to be. Don’t worry, its taste hasn’t gone “bad” nor is it “defective” in any way. It’s a chemical process that is a lot more natural and common than you think.

Just Gimmie the Light

When did you notice that your e-liquid is changing colors? Was it after you opened it? Did you leave it in the sun for too long? Believe it or not, these things matter.

ejuice changing color

Light and oxygen are catalysts to nicotine. In other words, an abundance of light and oxygen is responsible for the changing color. This is especially the case for certain flavors, particularly darker or sweeter ones.

Make sure that your e-juices are stored in a dark, cool place. Since manufacturers are required to sell e-juices in clear plastic bottles, it is common for e-liquids to be exposed to light and air. If you don’t want your e-liquid to be changing colors like a chameleon, we recommend buying darkened glass bottles. Put your e-juice in darker bottles and make sure they’re tightly sealed to keep the air out.

If you like how your e-juices look in a clear bottle, try moving your e-juices to a darker or cooler place. The best place is in the refrigerator because it’s dark and cool. But, if real estate is hot in your refrigerator, shoot for getting your e-juices their own dedicated case.

You can also find a spot for them far away from a window, like in a cabinet, closet, or bed frame that doesn’t have the sun beating on it. If you must leave your e-juice in your car, be sure to put it in a glove box or internal compartment where the sun won’t be beating on it all day.

But My E-juice Has No Nicotine and Changes Color!

Another reason your e-liquid could be changing color is because of the sweetener in it. If your e-liquid has a sweetener or chocolate flavoring in it, chances are it is darkened by the sweetener.

The e-juice’s VG content could also be the culprit. Some ingredients require e-juices to have a higher VG content, which could cause it to darken.

If it is the flavor blend, there’s not much you can do except enjoy the taste.

Is it the vendor’s fault?

No, as long as the e-juice doesn’t continue to darken after purchase.

However, if your e-liquid continues to darken, it probably means that the vendor didn’t properly steep the ejuice. This usually happens with cheaper, lower end brands. The product just didn’t sit long enough in the dark for the colors to properly show. This process by higher end vendors, called “steeping”, is usually done prior to shipping. However, lower quality brands often aim to get the product shipped out before its ready, which makes the steeping process your responsibility.

Yellow, orange, brown, or a darker change in color should not affect the taste, flavor, or quality of the e-juice. If your e-juice is changing colors in the tank, make sure you don’t leave the bottle in the sun after you opened it. Also be mindful that not all e-juice brands steep their ejuice.

Don’t stress! An e-juice that changes color in the tank or the bottle is still perfectly good to vape with.

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