If you’re one of the wonderful people that loves their sweets, you’ve probably contemplated how you could make your e-juice even sweeter than it is. What a sweet thought!

Most e-juices have sweeteners in them already, but if your inner cookie monster is still craving something sweeter, then you’ll be happy to hear there are ways to sweeten your e-juice.

Or maybe you’re the opposite. Maybe you would like your e-juice more if it wasn’t so sweet. It is trickier to make e-juice less sweet than more sweet, but it isn’t impossible.

Pour Some Sugar On… My E-Juice

The issue isn’t so much if it’s possible to sweeten e-juice, but instead which sweetener to sweeten your vape juice with. There are so many different sweeteners that you can use, each with their own pros and cons, that it really comes down to your preference.

First decide what kind of flavor profile you’re looking to go for. Do you want a very strong sweet commercial tasting flavor? A candy tasting flavor, similar to cotton candy? A more unique natural sweetener? Fruity sweet? Each sweetener is different, so planning which sweetener to use is essential.

You should also be mindful of viscosity--or the thickness of the sweetener in the coil. The thicker the sweetener, the more likely it is to clog your coil, thereby reducing its life.

If you’re on a new diet and/or trying to cut back on sugar, rest assured knowing there are low glycemic sweeteners. Just be aware that the flavor blend of the ejuice you’re adding sweetener to might already have a high GI (glycemic index).

Should I Buy The Sweetener as A Solution or Powder?

So now that you’ve picked your sweetener, you might be wondering if you should buy the sweetener as a solution or a powder.

Buying the powder means that you will have to dilute it into a liquid form. This can be a pain since you have to measure it and use VG to dilute it. It’s much easier to buy the solution for beginners.

Which Solution Should I Buy?

It depends on what flavor you have in mind. Mixing is all about creativity, just like cooking or mixing drinks is. Experiment! Just keep in mind that using certain sweeteners, or too much sweetener, will mute or dull the flavor of your ejuice. Any more than 10% and you start losing flavor. For this reason we stay within 1-1.5% for all sweeteners, and suggest you do the same.

How Can I Make My E-Juice LESS Sweet?

Unsweetening your e-juice is not as easy. Dulling the sweetness of your e-juice is hit or miss. Since you are counteracting sweetness with bitter flavors, the way you unsweeten your e-juice comes down to what bitter flavor tastes good to you and contrasts well with the sweet flavor.

If you don't know where to start, try using Bitter Wizard. Bitter Wizard, a flavoring product by MyFreedomSmokes, counteracts over sweetened e-juice by adding a bitter flavor. If you’re not into Bitter Wizard, you can try diluting your vape juices with straight VG, but depending on the flavor, it might not work.

Lemon Juice is bitter enough to work, or Vinegar. If you’re into Apple Cider Vinegar, you can also give good ol’ Braggs a try too. Just be aware that if you use ACV, you’re going to get that unique pungent vinegar taste ACV is known for. As an added bonus, ACV has great health benefits, and is thought to lower sugar levels in the blood. If you’re cool with that, or already have an acquired taste to ACV (like me), then give it a try!

So there you have it. If your e-juice doesn’t satisfy your sweet tooth, or is just too sweet, you can still get the flavor you want. Or, if if you’re like us and think this is all too much work, then buy better juice. I’m sure you can find one among our award winning premium e-juices.

Play around and see which works for you! If you do come up with a bomb ass flavor, make sure you share it in the comments below!

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